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REEL music is alive!

Well ... well ... well ... here is some INSIDE news from the last session that took place on September 22nd.

6 songs are edited regarding the vocals parts: heat of the action, echoes, who's behind the door, another day and rythms of life. The process was very interesting and quite "easy" as the vocal parts are not too long on these songs and we had many takes available to be able to cut the best the vocal lines possible!

Editing was just great!

Pat then came in and did some additional keys parts on all songs. On reel music the job done is just brilliant - You will be blasted! on it never rains he overdubbed the guitar solo giving you the feel we played it live together! Technology is brilliant and Pat a real pro!

4 songs to go and then the real mix takes place and all will definately come to life! All sounds already great and the mix will make it even greater! A bombastic album "Lithium" will be! We can't wait to hear it! So imagine it! Soon available!

Stay tuned on REEL RADIO WEB - More news are coming! Great infos and insights!



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