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REEL goes english

Hello to all the english speaking people that are hooked on!

This is the first note written in english to those people who want to know more about REEL Band & Music.

It is a small but hopefully a very good summary about what REEL is about, what we do and where we are going!

REEL came to life back in the old days. A school band formed by BENE, Dominique, Olivier and Thomas. During those crazy school years, REEL became a known band in its region with many songs written and many shows played. In 89/90 the first single "streets of my dreams" was recorded, distributed and sold about 2000 copies. The band then separated for personal reasons. During those years BENE played in some bands but REEL was his place to be. A couple months ago, during the recording of the single "J'rêve" for a swiss french singer called Marilyn, BENE met some great artists which accepted to play on what would be the very first album of REEL. Jay, Jul and Patrick are session musicians playing in various bands and became since some months now members of REEL for the recording of the album "Lithium" which is due for release by end of October, start November. No defined date yet and it will depend on too many things for the moment!

The web site started in the french language to give the basis to all potential fans! REEL WEB will add, in the future many more news in english but also in German and Italian, making it the only official place to be for all the international fans to have the right information and latest news!

Under REEL SONGS, you will find the lyrics of the album, you will find some music samples giving you already a clear picture of the forthcoming album.

Under REEL BAND, you will have the chance to have a deeper look in the musicians with a small presentation of BENE, JAY, JUL and Patrick

Under Albums photos, you will get a INSIDE look of what is going on in the studio during the recording of the album!

Under REEL NEWS, you will find the evoluating news of the band and the ongoing process of creativity of the album!

Many of the information notes, the title of already in english in order to provider a certain look and feel to the site!

Even if the band is swiss based, the music has a strong international approach! REEL is going into that direction in order to bring its music to as many fans as possible.

REEL exists thanks to you all and we will be glad to support the album very soon! In case some of you have questions regarding the news written in french, do not hesitate! The email address is available and answer will be provided!


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